Does your car look matte or missing your gloss?

Then it’s time to clean the paint.

Paint and polishing is a treatment that gives the paint deeper and smoother finish by removing traffic film and microscopes. If you are concerned with a blank car, please contact us.

The car’s paint is exposed to small and larger wear and tear. Matte varnishes, holograms and swirls can be permanently removed by correcting the paint with professional equipment and polishers. Such assignments may take a few days depending on the condition of the car. Methods and polishes choose the car’s paint for perfect finish and finish. This is an affordable way to get a new car effect.  We guarantee hologram-free finish. The condition of the car should be checked by us before the final price.

The fullshine word, is a word that can be traced differently. This is a combined easy handling of the entire vehicle. This package is for used cars where the focus is on cleaning / refreshing the car.

Included in the package following easy treatments; Degrease and foam bath to exterior, light polish, engine compartment, interior light clean / wash, paint protected with sealer or wax as desired.

Rubber mats and all plastic exterior are renewed with exclusive products.

Do not incorporate paint correction but can be carried out as needed. Price will be given.

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