Providing customers with superior Ceramic Coatings from the USA is our main priority, but we also take pride in all our detailing services that we have on offer. You will find these on our services page.

Every car that receives one of our Ceramic Coatings must first go through our Paint Correction Process.

First we start with degreaser and pre-wash foam bath, followed with clay bar and bug and tar remover before being washed again and completely dried before we start we our multi step Paint Correction Process (PCP).



PCP is a 3 step process that revives dull, faded, scratched and oxidized paint, that otherwise may have required the vehicle to be repainted, and literally gives it a new life. PCP takes years of damage off of your car and brings back that showroom shine.

Used cars generally have normal wear and tear, swirl marks and scratches that dull the paint while killing the resale value of the car. However, brand new cars at dealerships can have scratches and swirl marks from assembly, transit and improper wash techniques which also require our PCP.


Now your car is ready for a complete alcohol wipe down to remove all traces of any polishes before being treated with one of our high quality ceramic coatings.

9h ldc pro grey
wheel protech grey
leather protech grey
perma shine grey
fabric protech grey
dash protech grey
dash protech grey